Tuesday, 1 January 2008

A 'correct' order of march

While searching for my next game, "Pass Clearance" (Scenario No.3 of the Grant's 'Programmed Wargames Scenarios') in which a pursuing force must to clear a blocking force before night-time, I realized that an 'order of march' , i.e. the order in which the units belonging to the different arms (infantry, cavalry and artillery) are placed in the column, would be devised out for the pursuers (a mixed column).
The answer lies in the
Google books project. I made an advanced search using the keywords 'order of march', 'rearguard', 'advance guard', and found numerous references. Amongst the more interesting were:
Elements of the Art of War: Prepared for the Use of the Cadets of the United... By James Mercur
A summary of tactics By Hill Faulconer Morgan
Staff Duties: A Series of Lectures Addressed to the Officers at the Staff ... By Francis Coningsby Hannam Clarke
An Elementary Treatise on Advanced-guard, Out-post, and Detachment Service ... By Dennis Hart Mahan
From all these books I choose the accompanying diagrams to design an "order of march" based upon the military knowledge of those days.


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