Sunday, 7 January 2018

Probsthain for Lasalle. The Scenario

One of my best wishes for this year 2018 is to return to wargaming after almost two years of absence, in which work and family obligations have left me with scarce free time (although I have to confess that this little spare time I have dedicated to play Elite Dangerous!). It is then time to resume the things where I left them, finishing the Lasalle Scenario for Probsthain, a small rearguard affaire between the retreating Russians and the pursuing French.
In order to add randomness (a must for a solo wargamer!) I have used the "Holding Action" programmed scenario from the Grant's book ”Programmed Wargames Scenarios”. I designed an EXCEL worksheet following the Grant's book indications and made six different outputs. A die roll choose the number 6:

Deployment and Reinforcements
Russian retreating units
Its mission is “to cause the enemy the maximum delay without taking unacceptable losses”, i.e. higher than a 40%. The main body does not deploy further the line RL. One light unit can be deployed forward. The force will be divided into a main body (85%), 60 % on high ground to the west and 40 % on high ground to east , and a Reserve (15%). Two units (one at least must be infantry) will occupy Probsthain village.
The retreat will be ordered when casualties reach a 30%. The defence will be "broad in depth using isolated strong points, mobility and local counter attacks". A breakthrough by approximately 30 % or more of the French Force will result in the break off from combat of the Russian forcé, which will then pursue the French Force which has broken through.
French pursuing units
Its mission is “to break through the Prussian forces as quickly as possible and continue the advance on the route heading south-east”. NOTE: A breakthrough cannot occur on the right-hand side of Russian's position but only in the centre or left segments close to the high-road. The French force is divided into an Advance guard (15%, 4 units), a Main body (65%, 16 units) and two Flank guards (10%, 2 and 3 units) arriving at a máximum distance od 24" (60 cm) from the central road. Their respective arrival times (starting the  Lasalle arrival procedure p. 91) are: 

- Advance guard (7th Light Cavalry Brigade, 3 Reg. + 1 HB bat): Second turn
- Left flank guard (8th Light Cavalry Brigade, 2 Reg.): First turn**
- Right flank guard (1st Brigade Belair, 3 Bat.): First turn**
- Main-body (Rest of units): Four turns after Advance guard
The French plan of attack will be: The Advance guard will attack quickly straight down the main route, hoping to break through the centre. The Main force will advance rapidly, but on a broad front probing for a weakness in the Russian defence and then committing the reserve. Any isolated position or strong point will be bypassed and the opportunity to break through will be ignored, unless it is available to at least 25 % of French Force at one time.

The map has been slightly changed

I hope to spare time to be able to play this Scenario.... before Easter!!!

Watch this space!


  1. Excellent happy new year and glad to see you in action again Rafael! :)

  2. Happy New Year, and welcome back! It's a real pleasure to see you posting again.

  3. Looking forward to this, great to have you back!

  4. Welcome back. You have been missed.

  5. Another interesting scenario Rafa.
    Hopefully you found the time and a report is imminent?!