Wednesday, 13 June 2007

And now some cavalry

I'll paint some cavary figures this time to avoid the boring!.
Some of the cavalry of Leipzig Campaign need new heads, for example the Bavarians and Wurtembergers chevaux-legers (no plastic cavalry figures in the market), but also the Saxon hussars. These last wore a French-like uniform, but I have run short from the best alternative: the ITALERI/REVELL French hussars. However, I own a surplus of REVELL 02575 - Prussian Hussars and French infantry heads (ESCI 227 - French Line Infantry) so I made a non-expected new head exchange.

Bavarian chevaux-legers

Wurtemberg chevaux-legers

Saxon hussars


  1. Looking good! I like those infantry battalions below, nice poses and good painting. Its good that you can also swap heads with plastic figures....I was looking at your conversions on your main site.

    Keep going!


  2. Sorry, but the Wurttemberg headswap doesn't result in having chevaux-legers. Using the infantry helmets, you could create chasseurs a cheval, but be careful with saddlecloth and uniforms.

    There are good examples on,107-.html - you can see that the chevaux-legers of Wurttemberg didn't have caterpillar helmets, but helmets with horse tail.

    I've recently finished a bunch of three chasseurs a cheval - HaT will publish them next year and by luck I got some test sprues. I'm also currently working on converting some of them into chevaux-legers. Guess I'll have them ready in a week or two - then I'll put them onto my blog.



  3. Hello again! I just put the conversions onto my board - modified Wurttemberg mounted riflemen from a testshot of the forthcoming HaT set. The result (with a little handicrafts): Wurttemberg light horse!