Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Hatwiki project has started

From Mrs. Jones the soul of the HAT forum page

"The Hatwiki project
is wiki-like page where anyone can edit or post information. We started the hatwiki project because we saw a lot of helpful information and links being posted on this forum in response to questions, but due to the nature of forums, the links or answers were lost as newer threads were posted.

You can use the hatwiki as an online "favorites" page which anyone else can access.
Our thanks goes to Mr. Bert va Hal, who has seeded the page with the first hundred or so links! Please feel free to add more. (E-mail HaT to get started)"

A very interesting idea!


  1. Hello Rafa,
    Some nice photos once again. I try to paint maybe an hour each night during the week and 3 or 4 hours on the weekend if possible. I was not sure about using plastic 1/72 but they are cheaper than metal and today there is a large range to choose from. I have ordered a copy of Napoleon's Battles 1st edition from ebay. I like the scale but i will modify rules to suit solo play like yourself.


  2. Brad
    Plastics is very cheaper although the figures are more difficult to paint than
    metallic ones, because the details are less marked than in these last.
    Howeever I.M.H.O. metal figures are too many 'caricaturesque' so... you make
    the choice.
    NB is a good set and it is easy to soloing it by the simple expedient of
    randomising all mandatory movements and also by assigning percentages to
    decissions and choosing with a pair of decimal die....
    Thanks for your kindly comments