Friday, 3 August 2007

Artillery for Gross-Beeren

There is a very hot summer here at Valladolid (around 40ºC or 100ºF). I have painted the artillery assets of the French allied contingent for the Campaign of Leipzig. Whereas Italians and Saxons were simple painting cvonversions from ZVEZDA French Foot Line Artillery, the Bavarians were ESCI French Guard Artillery with heads from HAT Bavarian Infantry and the Wurtembergers were HAT French Horse Line Artillery with heads from HAT Austrian Infantry. All the guns were metal ones from Newline Designs French and Austrian 6lbs and Russian 12 lbs. See below some of the pictures with links to my web-site where is the full history (OOB's, uniforms, figures, conversions...).

Italian Foot Artillery

Saxon Artillery

Bavarian Foot Artillery

Wurtemberg Foot Artillery


  1. Nice work as usual!

    I know what you mean about the heat. Sounds similar to where I live not far from the desert in southern California.

  2. A nice time to paint and wargaming....deep into the cellar!
    Many thanks!

  3. Unfortunateky cellars are very uncommon here, so I have to remain above ground for my painting and gaming. Still, I have been making progress this weekend on the painting front (in between reading, HP and the Deathly Hallows, which I finished off about an hour ago).

  4. Bur suyreu you have air conditioning equipments! :-)... Being too old, my preferences are for Tolkien and LoR
    Goof painting!