Monday, 27 August 2007

The Tabletop Teasers blues

I remember the old days when I watched the arrival of the postman carrying the Military Modelling magazine that, at that time, incorporated Battle for Wargamers. The Charles S. Grant's section 'Tabletop teasers' was a must for me and my first solo-battle was the No. 8: The Hasty Defence and Relief of a Town (Military Modelling April '79 ) loosely based upon the battle of Dresden.
"..a one day action with a holding force in a poorly defended built up area, holding out (we hope) until sufficient reinforcements can arrive to turn the tide. On the other hand, we have a somewhat unco-ordinated but numerically considerably superior force aimed at taking the town and destroying the garrison".
Unfortunately, the magazines were lost in a house moving and in the shadows of time.... until today.
I have discovered, through the wonderful Emperor vs. Elector blog, a Tabletop Teaser refight in the MurdocK's MarauderS site (The Wagon Train),which at last led to me to the Steve's Wargame Pages site, containing many of the old Tabletop Teasers corresponding to years 1978 to 1982. The Scenarios are WORD documents with the figures and diagrams as jpg images.
I'll give these oldies a try!


  1. Hi Rafa,

    Thats a great link! I also used to enjoy those scenarios and was a big fan of Charles Grant and his son CS Grant who I met a couple of times at Wargames conventions here in the uk. Thanks for posting it.....nostalgia!

    You might wish to remove the link to my 'blog' as its now outdated. I intend to restart it once I have enough new figures painted.

    All the best and keep up the painting,


  2. Yeah... the Tabletop teasers were (and are) a good wargaming introduction.
    No problem with the link