Monday, 28 January 2008

Le feu sacré

After 12 years using only Napoleon's Battles for wargaming, I am going to try a new set of rules, Le feu sacré, available from the TooFatLardies web site. It is a Corps level system and according to the web site's FAQ :
"These rules are written by a Napoleonic warfare fanatic, and wargamer of 20 years standing. Le Feu Sacré places command and control above musket calibre and march rates. They are aimed at gamers who wish to experience a large scale battle at the battalion level. Players command Corps and Divisions, and manoeuvre by brigade, regiment or battalion. Avoiding the usual omnipresent control that players are so often allowed over the minutiae of battle, Le Feu Sacré concentrates on encouraging historically correct grand tactics. The rules use the familiar TooFatLardies card driven system. The Lardies' emphasis on battlefield "friction" allows the better, bolder generals to take the initiative, and recover from unexpected reverses, whilst less competent, cautious commanders need to stick to predictable battle plans, or risk coming unstuck. We present to you a set of rules where Austrian troops can be the equal of the French, but the Empire can still repeat history! Vive l'Empereur" .
If bought the ruleset and the
A La Baïonnette Scenarios book, as pdf fies, by means of PayPal at GBP 6.00 (8.05 € or US$ 11.90) each. There is also a yahoo group devoted to the rule set lfslist with 294 members and addititonal scenarios and lively discussions.

The ground scale is 1" = 50 yards, one move = 15 minutes. and the figure scale is 1:40 or 1:50 so the rules could be a good alternative to my divisional Napoleon's Battles modification, because the actual combat elements are simplified.
I plan to use Le feu sacré to fight the Wartenburg Scenario but only after I played it with my one-half Napoleon's Battles, in order to make a comparison and to draw the adequate conclussions.


  1. I look forward to seeing how they work out for you. I'm a fan of TFL rulesets, and have a copy of LFS, though it's presently slated only to be used with the "Taxes, Tea, and Tories" supplement to game the AWI.

  2. I am finding that LFS has a strong fan support. Definitely, I MUST to try it...
    BTW in which incarnation are you playing LFS... I only known from you as a SYW fan :-)

  3. Hi Rafa,

    I haven't actually played a game yet, as it's down the list on my priorities a bit. But whenever I decide to take up the American War of Independence project again, I intend to use the Taxes, Tea, and Tories LFS expansion from one of the Christmas Specials.

    Have you look at Fat Wally's site yet?

  4. Excellent little connection Rafa I shall have to take a closer look!

  5. Hi Rafa, what about LFS test? what is your opinion about this ruleset?



  6. Many job duties in the last times. I have been unable to test LFS. I expect to test it this summer...