Saturday, 26 January 2008

Wartenburg at "one-half" Napoleon's Battles

After a short interlude caused by labour and family duties I return again to the gaming (the painting will have to wait!) by re-fighting the combat of Wartenburg, i.e. the crossing of the Elbe River carried out by the Bluecher's Silesian Army (october 8, 1813). The forces involved there were Bertrand's French IV corps (a multinational force comprising French, Italian and Wurtembergers) and Yorck's Prussian I Corps.

Because of the relatively small size of both armies, this battle results too small for normal NB and too big for divisional NB. My solution is simple, I'll play it with my divisional NB modifications, but using 1"/50 yds for terrain, 1/60 for men and 15 minutes per turn.
For the OOB's I'll use the Nafziger's (G. Nafziger, 'Napoleon at Leipzig. The Battle of Nations 1813’. The Emperor Press, Chicago, 1996) and Smith's books (D. Smith, 'The Greenhill Napoleonic Wars Data Book', Greenhill Books, London, 1998).
Until the play, watch the map of the battle as seen in the
Napoleon-Series web-site and study the Wartenburg Scenario as posted in the main web site.

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