Thursday, 21 February 2008

A break: le Régiment des Dromadaires

The 20 nivôse de l'an VII (9th January 1799) Bonaparte created le Régiment des Dromadaires, i.e. the Dromedary Regiment. It was formed from picked infantrymen from Light Infantry regiments so they were not cavalry, but mounted infantry acting as eclaireurs in the army's flanks. Commanded by the Colonel Cavalier (or Cavelier) it was formed by four squadrons at 100 men each. Le Régiment des Dromadaires was short lived and acted under Dessaix's command in the upper Egypt.
They wore a hussard style sky blue dolman and barrel sash with red breeches and hussard boots. They wore a white turban but some pictures show them in shako or bicorne.
I have used a pre-releasing sprue of the
HAT 8194 British Camelry set, kindly provided by HAT staff. The helmet wearing heads of the British troopers were swaped with heads from ITALERI 6006 French infantry set which also provided the kneeling firing figure. The camels were used with only minor adjustments.
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