Wednesday, 26 March 2008

An update of the battle of Kalisz

The battle of Kalisz is going on. Until this moment, six turns have been elapsed. The first Russian brigades (one Light cavaly and one Cossack) have arrived as well as the Saxon rearguard so all the units of the Reynier's VII Corps are on the table. The Russian cavalry have been harassing the Saxon infantry although the Polish Krakus have routed an excessively daring Cossack pulk (below).

But it was a short life success, because two lucky attacks carried out by the Russian Hussars (Alexandria and White Russia Regiments) have fully breaked the Saxon Prinz Clemens regiment and have taken its divisonal battery, pursuing the routed men until the first houses of the Kalisz suburbia.

These daring Russians will be forced to retreat in the next turn, but the artillery pieces taken will be the first trophies taken in this battle.

To be continued


  1. Sounds like you're having fun :-)
    Great minis and terrain, as always!

  2. Yes it's fun.... I am waiting for the arrival of the Cossacks in the Saxon rearguard!

  3. Hi Rafa
    The game looks very interesting. How many figures do you have in your collection? I see from your main site that you use mechanisms from various board games. Have you ever played any of the HPS play-by-email computer games? They are hex based in board game style but do away with all those counters and charts! The games are not much good against the computer but are great fun against a live opponent. If you have not seen them take a look at

  4. My collection amounts now around 5,000 1/72 figures, mainly plastic with some home-made and commercial matal ones. I'll try the HPS page!