Saturday, 14 June 2008

Villa maravilla

David Villa scored in stoppage time to hand Spain a 2-1 win over Sweden today, giving Spain two wins in its first two games at Euro 2008.
Fernando Torres opened the scoring in the 15th minute for the Spanish, but his goal was canceled out by a Zlatan Ibrahimovic strike in the 34th minute to even the match.
It looked like the two teams were headed for a draw, but Joan Capdevila sent a long clearance out of the back up the left wing that skipped past Fernando Torres and the Swedish defense and into the box.
Villa got to it first, touched the ball around Sweden defender Petter Hansson, and slotted his shot inside the far post to give Spain a dramatic win.


  1. Hi Rafa
    Well done to Spain! It's great for us English not to have to worry about our team losing so we can really enjoy all the games(although Torres is adopted as English now!). Thanks for mentioning my blog...

  2. Well, Torres, Cesc, Reina... luckily for us many of the best spanish players are now in England showing their great talents... Spain is still in play but I think that Holland will be the final winner of this Eurocup.
    Best regards

  3. Good luck to Spain Rafa :-) As England are sadly missing I must find another team to support through this competition! Have to agree that Holland are looking good though.

    Are you painting any figures at the moment?



  4. Lee
    Spain will need all the world's luck ;-)
    I am not at present painting any figure: too many job duties (semester end). I am waiting for the summer holidays