Thursday, 24 July 2008

Another Reichenbach scenario in the web!

Searching through my back-up files, an operation I made because of an electric spark that burned-out the power source of my PC, I have found another scenario for Reichenbach designed by Lamont Anderson of the Colorado Springs Gamers Association (CSGA).
The OOB, designed by normal Napoleon's Battles, is esentially the same than the mine (we have used the same sources!) . However, the table-top map is different because, as Mr. Anderson says: "Terrain is currently based upon vague descriptions of the battle by Nafziger; in other words it is largely a product of my imagination at this time".

My acknowledgements to this, almost forgotten, effort.


  1. Well done on having backups - it's not something everyone has! Looking forward to the start of the game as well.. :o)

  2. Hi... I expect to start this week-end... if the Iberdrola electric company gives me permission :-)