Saturday, 5 July 2008

Battle of Reichenbach

After their defeat at Bautzen (20-21 may, 1813) the Allied retreated towards the south-east in two columns of weary soldiers in order to cross the Neisse River. Their rearguard, commanded by Eugen of Wurttemberg and comprising his 2nd Russian Corps, remained in Reichenbach and was catched by Reynier's VII Corps (not fighting in Bautzen) and the 1st Cavalry Corps. Napoleon himself arrived to the battlefield and engaged the Guard Light cavalry, including the famous Red Dutch Lanciers, a "new spectacle" for Wurttemberg, as it had been a long time since he did seen a force of French cavalry.
This will be my next battle. It will be fought using the 'one-half' Napoleon's Battles version and for the OOB's and basic narrative I will use the Nafziger's book (Lutzen and Bautzen. Napoleon's Spring Campaign of 1813, The Emperor press, 1992) and the Digby's Databook (The Greenhill Napoleonic Wars Data Book, Greenhill Books, 1998).
The picture is taken from
The red Lancer Inc.


  1. Rafa,
    I'll be looking forward to the battle report and photos of that one!

  2. Ian, thanks for your support....