Thursday, 31 July 2008

Napoleon at Riechenbach

He is on the battlefield!
Napoleon and his service squadron (composed that day by Chasseurs à Chèval) arrived in front of
Reichenbach at 10.15 a.m. Here he can be seen, surrounded by the Imperial Staff, surveying the Russian lines with his golden telescope.
The Napoleon figure is very old and it is a conversion from the officer in the
Esci 233 - British Artillery set: the greatcoat and the hat being modelled from plasticene. The chasseur holding the reins is a conversion from the cuirassier on foot of the old Airfix 01736 - Waterloo French Cavalry whereas the officer on foot with the telescope is the telescope-bearing officer of the Old Guard Esci 234 - French Artillery with a plasticene hat.
The conversions are very crude (inclusive for my own present standards!), but this 3-figures base is an old favorite of mine.
The accompanying chasseurs (the service squadron on duty)are also conversions from the
Revell 02575 - Prussian Hussars.


  1. Rafa

    His Majesty looks great - clever conversion and very atmospheric! Please thank the cameraman who risked life and limb to take that dramatic shot!


  2. Ian
    We haven't had any news from him since then. We suppose he's in Siberia!

  3. I agree about the conversion. Nice bit of work and great command vignette!