Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A heroic death in the battle of Göhrde

The battle of Göhrde (16 September 1813) will the next installment of my Campaign of Leipzig.
It was an un-successful ambush laid by the General Count von Wallmoden-Simborn (14,000 men including the 73rd Highland Foot regiment and a British Rocket Battery), to surprise the small force of the General Pecheux (4,000 men). Because of the lack of coordination, Pecheux was not crushed although he suffered a staggering 50% of losses.
During this battle,
Eleonore Prochaska , disguised herself as a man and enrolled in the Jägerbataillon of the Lützow Free Corps under the name August Renz, was heavily wounded. She seized the drum of a French drum major, and drove her comrades to attack until herself was wounded by a bullet. The field-surgeons, rushing to treat her wounds, discovered she was a woman and took her to Dannenberg, where she succumbed to her wounds three weeks later.
This combat is small in size so it will be adequate for divisional Napoleon's Battles.


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  2. Rafa,

    Did the 73rd Hghlanders actually take part in the fighting?


  3. Ian
    I don´t know, but becuase of their presenve, the 73rd's men were considered veterans. See at