Saturday, 25 October 2008

Tha big battles of Armand d'Arc

Armand d'Arc is the name of an Argentinian friend of mine. He lives in Buenos Aires and he plays big (really big) battles with his 1/72 figurines. All the battles, take place in the context of a fictitious campaign located in Africa in century XIX. In his Ucronia, European-like powers fight by the control of the territory, faced in two antagonistic blocks: the Allied (German, Austrian, British, Hungarian....) and the Associated (French, Spanish...). It is a solo-campaign, in which many of the participating generals have their personality developed, in a way similar to role-playing, so Armand is really writing a full history.
The atmosphere is Napoleonic and the tactical rules have been developed by the author. The man:figure ratio is 1:1, so Armand must move several thousands of figures in each battle. He plays only a battle for year (during a full month) and spens the rest of the time, writing, painting and preparing the next batle.
See a small (very small) selection of the pictures taken during the "Battle of the River Gitan", finished only some days ago. Hopefully, Armand will publish its own blog, so we can enjoy all his work!

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  1. Holy wow! Sounds like fun. And a lot of work! I hope he does do a blog, this sounds like something that deserves to be more widely known.