Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Another look to Armand's job

I am presently in bed with a sligh influenzae, spending my time in internet and waiting for the virus to dissapear. Until then, please look at these new pictures from my friend Armand d'Arc. They show the Brunswick troops, ready to fight in the next battle of his fictional campaign. Note their characteristic shako plumes, all (until a total of 324!) were modelled by Armand.
The Brunswickers were not present at the battle of Göhrde (they were at Spain fighting in the Allied ranks against the Frech), but I'll hire their services to fight 'in lieu' of the Lutzow's Freicorps. After all, both corps were dressed in black!

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  1. Get well soon!

    Excellent (and numerous) troops by your friend Armand!