Thursday, 27 November 2008

British rockets (2)

The British Rocket Troops set was one of the first launched by HäT (8003). The set has four sprues with 5 enlisted men, one officier, one launcher, two spare rockets and one carriage each. The uniforms were identical to British Horse Artillery, so no problem here.
I have decided to build two Napoleon's Batles bases with, respectively, one normal HäT launcher and two men, and one rocket being fired from soil level with two men.
I have also built a composite base. One half (with identical dimensions than the first two bases) has a home-made heavy launcher (see the enclosed diagram) and two men. The other half is a detachable base, consisting of a carriage and a mounted Rocketer. The mounted man is a conversion made with the torso of one HäT rocketer and the legs of an old
Esci 217 Scots Greys set, which also provided the horse.

I am very grateful to the members of the Napoleon-Series and ALKAID Forums (specially to Kevin and Ximo) by their helping pictures and suggestions.
Next time the pictures!

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