Monday, 15 December 2008

ALKAID Issue No. 2

Issue No. 2
The issue No.2 of ALKAID REVISTA MULTITEMÁTICA is coming out December, 15. This magazine conjugates different fields: science, environment, literature, poetry, wargames… The issue No.3 contains several articles related with Napoleonic history:

El sitio histórico de Los Arapiles
(The historical site of Los Arapiles) by M.A. Martín Mas
A description of the historical site built aorund of the battle of Los Arapiles, best know to english-speakers as the battle of Salamanca, fought during the Wellington's campaign of 1812. M.A. Martín Mas is a very known Spanish author specialized in the Peninsular War. The article is illustrated with several pictures of the diorama built by War Modelling (Fantassin Miniaturas).

Copyright War ModellingLa historiografía británica y la Guerra Peninsular by Rory Muir
A Spanish translation of 'The British History and The Peninsular War', in which the Australian author makes a bibliographical revision of the British view on the Peninsular War, from the first works of William Napier until our days. A list of Spanish translations of the books cited in the article is also included.

El sueño de Napoleón by F.J. Segovia Ramos
A short tale about the meditations of L'Empereur during his exile in Saint Helena.

The magazine is in Spanish and is available by subscription. Go to ALKAID EDICIONES web site, , and download the Subscription Form or contact me throught the e-mail addresses: or

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