Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Some personalities (I)

Throughout the years, I have painted some important millitary personages of the Napoleonic Wars, to be used as Generals or C-in-C's in the recreation of battles with Napoleon's Battles. Some of them are commercial figures representing a given personage, whereas others are home-made scratch conversions, depicting specific or generic personages that can play several roles according to the scenario.
See some of the French personalities:


Joseph Bonaparte

Prince Murat

Marechal Ney

General Nansouty (Heavy Cavalry Commander)

General Montbrun (Light Cavalry Commander)

See the full history at the main website Personalities (I)


  1. Very nice! It's fun to do personality figures and makes the spectacle of a tabletop game more interesting.
    (the Napoleon pic isn't expanding, but people can - and should! - go to the main site link and check it out; many more cool pics there)