Friday, 9 January 2009

The next battle: Peterdohna (september 1813)

This is a fictional battle fought between the Russo-Prussian contingent of the Army of Bohemia led, respectively, by Wittgenstein and Kleist under the Barclay's command, against the French St-Cyr's XIV and Lobau's I Corps supported by Mortier's Young Guard and Lefevbre-Desnouttes's I Cavalry Corps, commanded by Napoleon himself.
After the battles of Dresden, Kulm and the Katzbach, there was an interlude in the southern front. Schwarzenberg and Napoleon played a 'cat and mouse' game, with the first trying to traverse the Bohemian Mountain passes -hoping to turn the Napoleon's flank or rearguard- whereas Napoleon tried to catch him. During the month of September of 1813, both contenders went all over the net-road in the Dresden-Pirna-Dohna-Peterswalde area, but the strict following of the Trachenberg plan by the Allied, avoided the clash.
This Scenario covers a 'what if', with Napoleon closing at last the trap around the Allied, in a fictional site named Peterdohna : Peterswalde + Dohna. The OOB’s and the narrative have been taken from
Nafziger G. 'Napoleon at Leipzig. The Battle of Nations 1813', The Emperor Press, Chicago, 1996
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and the maps from Google Earth, Google Maps and the
3rd Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary.
The Scenario will be designed for 'normal' Napoleon's Battles


  1. Rafa - sounds like fun. St Cyr is one of my favourites as I played him in a re-fight of Dresden many years ago. The French lost of course...


  2. The scenario is very 'green' still. I must to decide the forces in the table and the sequence of reinforcements sequence

  3. Looking forward to the first playtest.

  4. I am refining the OOB, taking into account the losses suffered in the battles of Kulm and dresden