Tuesday, 15 September 2009

ALKAID issue No. 5

Issue No. 5The issue No. 5 of ALKAID REVISTA MULTITEMÁTICA is coming out today, September 5. The magazine is devoted to the interaction amongst science, literature, poetry, history, so you can always find an article devoted to one of your interests!

In this number, the Napoleonic era is present in several ways:

Arthur Colley Wellesley y la batalla de Talavera (Arthur Colley Wellesley and the battle of Talavera). Written by Sergio de la Llave Muñoz, Commisioner of the Bicentennial Ceremonies of the battle of Talavera, and Jose M. Rodríguez Gomez, a known Spanish specialist of the Peninsular War and author of several books. The article is a historical summary of that battle, the first great tactical victory of the Allied Army.

The Bicentennial is also present in a report, also written by Sergio de la Llave, about the ceremonies of the Bicentennial, programmed and carried out in the town of Talavera the past summer, and culminating in a re-enactement of the battle and the inauguration of a new monument.

Last, but not least, there is also a critial review of the book
'1812 Wellington en Valladolid' written by the ALKAID's contributing author, Miguel A. García.

The magazine is in Spanish and is available by subscription. Go to ALKAID EDICIONES web site, http://www.alkaidediciones.com/, and download the Subscription Form or contact me throught the e-mail address: rpardoalmudi@gmail.com

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