Saturday, 5 September 2009

I don't like Cossacks

Well, that's not exactly true... I don't like my Cossacks. They have participated in many battles being sometimes the key for the Allied or Russianvictory. I remember the Danzig Scenario, where a Cossack pulk destroyed part of the French wagon train, when the ammunition and victuals were almost behind the walls of the Danzig citadel.

My cossacks at DanzigHowever, I don't like their look. Being painted some years ago in colourful and variegated uniforms, my poor HäT 8006 Cossacks always seemed to me the 'Santa Claus' brigade, without any visible trace of uniformity. I did delayed for years the obvious solution, until I did seen the marvelous and martial Cossacks depicted by Blucher in his Jons Mini Blog (See below).

Jonos Mini Blog's cossacksTherefore, that's will be hopefully the next-next painting (well, re-painting) when I finish the French infantry in greatcoat!


  1. Hi Rafa - actually I really like the look of your Santa Cossacks!


  2. Their look is not very formal, bute they win battles... at least against disordered and low-moral troops!
    I am thinking about to paint new Cossacks and let the old in their old rags

  3. They look like vicious peasants to me like evry good cossack should. It is the regular officers that should look elegant!

  4. Well I will pardon to them.... and I'll paint another Cossack unit in a more uniform view!

  5. They look pretty good to me Rafa!
    I managed to purchase the 1st edition of Napoleon's Battles rules from ebay. Now I just need time to paint up a few armies! Maybe on my Honeymoon?!

  6. Brad
    Welcome to the NB club. But maybe the Honeymoon is not the better time to paint figures.... ;-)
    Best regards

  7. Agreed! But we will hopefully have time to look through 2nd hand stores and hopefully find some Napoleonic titles:)

  8. Brad
    Try also the yahoo group

    One of the designers (Bob Coggins) is also a regular and very active member