Wednesday, 21 October 2009

HäT announces 1808 Spanish Line Infantry

Evidently it has been a coincidence with the previous post, but HäT announced yesterday, october 21, the future releasing of a new 1/72 set: 1808 Spanish Line Infantry.
The future set is the answer of HäT to an old and repeated demand of the Napoleonic fans and will fill a significant gap in the 1/72 plastic market.

HaTMore pictures at the HäT site


  1. Excellent news! If only I didn't have all my 1808 Spanish already (mostly Hat 1806 Prussian Musketeers for the infantry) :(

  2. Hi
    The mine are also Prussian line musketeers from 1806... mostly HaT of course, but also Outland metal Prussians