Saturday, 14 November 2009

A too realistic diorama?

As many of you surely know, I am a follower of the Croebern-1813 web site. That Project want to show a frozen instant of the battle of Leipzig (16th october 1813) showing the arrival of the Austrian Army Reserve, around 4.00 p.m, to the villages of Cröbern, Crostewitz and Markkleeberg villages, located in the southern zone of the battlefiled.
The diorama is composed of many different scenes and vignettes depicting different aspects od the battlefield. The members of the Project team want a diorama so realist as posible... with all consequences. Using their own words translated from german,
"the normal human needs are the most understandable thing in the world and soldiers of every nation had to perform their needs where theystood. We want also to show these aspects and here is the first experiments. Evidentely another “little thing” must be still modelled."

So real like life itself!


  1. Ha ha!
    Those people do amazing work, but I'll content myself with a bit of discretion in my modeling! :)

  2. They cover all aspects of military life!

  3. Well the 'Mannikin Pis' is famous for doing what comes naturally, so why not the 'Soldaten Pis'? At least they've got a reasonable excuse - but they'll have to be placed near one of those beer barrel wagons for true authenticity!

    Unbelievable diorama - beautifully done. I have taken the liberty of posting a link to it on my site: