Monday, 22 February 2010

Nafziger OOB's are now downloadable and free!

The NAFZIGER COLLECTION of Orders of Battle for the Wargamer and Historian compiled by George Nafziger, can be now be downloaded free from the Combined Arms Research Library site.

According to the

"The Nafziger Collection contains a mass of orders of battle covering the period from 1600 to 1945. It started because of a personal interest in the Napoleonic Wars, but steadily grew into other areas because of the gaming public's interest in these highly detailed, accurate historical orders of battle. Sources range from published works to actual archival documents, which represent the largest single source. Nearly all OB's break down to the regimental level. The availability of strength figures and artillery equipment varies from period to period.

17th Century Catalog. 1600-1699, including 30 Years War & English Civil War

18th Century Catalog. 1697-1792. Spanish Succession ,Great Northern War,Polish Succession, Austrian Succession, Seven Years War, Bavarian Succession

French Revolution Catalog, 1792-1799

Napoleonic Wars Catalog, 1800-1815 . Includes Russo-Swedish 1808-9 War, Russo-Turkish Wars, Continental Europe and Peninsular Wars

Miscellaneous American Wars Catalog, 1775-1864. American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, Franco-Mexican War

American Civil War Catalog, 1861-1865

Post Napoleonic Catalog , 1816-1899 . Russo Turkish War 1829, French in Moree, Belgian Revolution, French in Algeria 1830, Polish Revolution 1832, Carlist War 1834,1848 Revolutions, Roman Republic 1849, Crimea 1854, Italian Revolution 1859, Prusso-Danish War 1864, Prusso-Austrian War 1866, Franco-Prussian War 1870, Russo-Turkish War 1877

British Colonial Catalog, 1861-1865. Northwest Indian Frontier, 2nd Afgan War, China, Boer, Zulu and others

Colonial Garrisons, 1825-1905. Hundreds of obscure British Garrisons across the globe.

Naval Orders of Battle Catalog, 1688-1801, WWI. WWII

20th Century
1905-6, Russo-Japanese War
World War I Catalog, 1914-1918. World War IEastern & Western Front, Russian, Austrian, German, Serbian, Romanian, American, British & French
1920-1921, Russo-Polish War
1936-1939 Spanish Civil War
World War II Campaign Order of Battle Catalog, 1939-1945. Naval, Pacific, Mediterranean, North Africa, Europe. Finnish, Russian Front, Vichy French,USMC in the Pacific, lots of TO&E material on every army.
World War II Tables of Organization & Equipment Catalog. Organizational details of divisions, brigades,regiments, battalions, companies, and special detachments."

All the OOB's are ind pdf format. Note that the indexes for this ingent mass of information are located at the
George's site

Thank you very much to George Nafziger to make available the result of so many years of research!

Edited (February, 24th)
See, at
The Miniatures Page, the reasons why George Nafziger has donated his OOB's


  1. Thanks for posting this Rafa - I had heard late last year that George, who is getting on in years, was 'retiring' from the business and intended to make all his research available. Appears like he has done just that. Wargamers and military historians both amateur and professional will benefit enormously from Georges work of nearly 50 years! All his stuff is sourced from original material, invariably in its native language which George translated - he spoke quite a few himself - and critically analysed in his publications. It is a stupendous resource akin to the Anne K Brown University archives themselves. You want an accurate orbat for any part of the Napoleonic era - Nafziger has it for just about every protagonist nationality that published a record.

    Thanks again to you Rafa for publishing the information and link to Georges incredible gift to us all.


  2. Amazing!

    I had ordered one set, then after a time they gave me two more.

    Now this news is wonderful!

  3. JAM, Doc, Murdock
    Really it's a great, great news... A Spanish friend of mine say that it will download evary OOB in the site, by fear to a collapse ;-)