Friday, 25 June 2010

Duben on way (IV)

Panoramic view of the battlefieldIt is raining from several turns ago, and the men are moving with extreme dificulty over the soaked and muddy terrain. The French/Saxon units are slowly advancing towards the Russian lines but the Russian commander, Generallieutenant Kapzevich, has almost achieved his main objective: to save the heavy baggage and his aides de champ are passing the retreat order through the line.

Only a weak infantry rearguard and the fire of a heavy Russian battery, protected by the Russian dragoons, is visible, whereas the wagon train is vanishing under the rain.
The end of the battle is near.


  1. So I am curious Rafa, do you use any variations on the Lasalle rules when you are playing your solo games.


  2. Hi John
    No, I am not using any variation on Lasalle. I use the rule-book 'as it is'. I am thinking to play the solo-variations you propose