Thursday, 3 June 2010

The optional rule about wagons is official!

Sam Mustafa, the designer of Lasalle, has included my Optional Rule about wagons as one of the Official Optional Rules, and he has incorporated it in the Version 5 file. Obvioulsy, the wording and style is the Sam's own (I am not so proficient in englsh!)
"This fun optional rule was suggested by Rafa on the Forum:

For historical scenarios, players may create wagons representing baggage trains, for one or both sides. They are a sort of “mobile objective marker” that must start in one location of the board, and either must remain there, or (depending upon the scenario) must be safely escorted to exit off a particular point on the board.

The wagon moves as if it were a foot artillery unit, always limbered.

The wagon neither fires nor can charge the enemy. It has only one formation: limber. It does not block line of sight or fire. It may not be fired upon.

Friendly units may move through it, as they move through a limbered artillery unit.

Any enemy unit - regular or irregular - may charge the wagon, as long as that unit is eligible to charge (it is in a formation that permits it to charge, it is facing the right way, etc.)

In its reaction phase, the wagon may attempt a Fall Back, as if it were a foot artillery limber. It succeeds on a roll of 4+, but if attacked by enemy cavalry, it must re-roll a success, even if within 1BW of friendly infantry.

If it fails to fall back, then the wagon is automatically captured in the ensuing combat. Combat must be “resolved” against it, as if against any other unit, but the resolution consists simply of removing the wagon, advancing the enemy unit(s) that captured it 2BW, and awarding the captured Objective to the enemy.

Any enemy unit that contacted the wagon suffers 1DISR, unless that would break it. (The men are dispersed, plundering the loot.) The unit must then take a discipline test. If it fails, it is marked in some way, showing that it is disordered and still plundering.

A unit that is still plundering is considered “Out of Command” for the entirety of its side’s next turn."

The Optional Rules file can be downloaded here


  1. That's cool to get your own optional rule included. :)

    I like the little star-forted town in your picture!

  2. Well done Rafa! Perhaps it's time you produced a complete set of your own rules???


  3. Fitz:
    Yes is very rewarding!... The sar-fort is from Danzig: a combat about a convoy supplying a besieged site

    Many thanks. My gaming time is very reduced... so I adapt existent rulesets... it is very fun

  4. Like I set on the Forum, great stuff.


  5. John
    I expect to prove it in a refight of Danzig covoy!