Monday, 5 July 2010

Italian cavalry by Armand d'Arc

This is the newer work of my Argentinian friend Armand d'Arc. This time is the turn of two exotic units.
The 'Dio lo volve' (God want it!) is a 95-men squadron of ultra-catholic volunteers raised by the Pope himself to fight the Turkish Ottomans in the Serengethi War. They are a sort of Crusaders, armed with cuirasses, lance, axes, swords, shields, with a long history going back to the Crusades. This big men riding big horses are a strange anachronism in this horse and musket era. Their uniform is violet with a bishop-like round hat and a cross in the breast and shield.

The 'Caciatore a cheval' (Chasseurs) are a 70-men Neapolitan light cavalry squadron, dressed in green and red brilliant and colorful uniforms, wearing plumed shakos and armed with sabre and carbine.

Both units along the Cuirassiers (still sailing from Europe) form part of the Italian contingent commanded by the Corsican General Sebastiani de la Porta, from Napoleonic fame and a former French ambassador to the Ottoman Empire . He can be seen in the fourth picture, while parading his troops.


  1. I must say, that ultra-Catholic unit is very colorful and interesting. Sort of reminds of the Cuera Dragoons in N. America - with their lances and shields (& hide armor) during the 18th C. Regards, Dean

  2. Yes, maybe Armand used the Cuera dragoons as a model. But these were not heavy cavalry, but light cavalry dressed in leather.
    However the round hat is typical of 'the Zorro' era!

  3. Very interesting stuff - they look like a bunch of mad marauding Monseignors with those broad-brimmed purple hats! Have to be very careful using the 'Crusader' term nowadays - very politically incorrect - thanks to our prickly Muslim friends!