Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The terrain for Connewitz

The terrain around the Connewitz-Dölitz has changed with the years. After the second World War, there was some extensive lignit extractive mining works in the area between the Pleisse and Elster rivers, so the terrain shape is irreversibly changed. Some villages have dissapeared, whereas the remaining ones have grown. The shape of the main branchs of the Pleisse River is still recognizable, but the minor ones and the mill races can be not found today.
After an internet research, I found a map in the site, one of the better internet sources for the Battle of Nations. The map covers the Markleeberg-Dölitz area and also shows the initial dispositions of French-Polish and Austrians forces.

The table-map for Lasalle has been desgined by using the above map. The map was rotated near 90º and the terrain scale changed until the villages, Connewitz and Dölitz, were located near the table borders. The final result is:

Table map
The more significant features, the villages, the bridges, the Dölitz manor, the swampy areas, are present. However, the final shape would change because of the fog of war, i.e. because of the actual availability of terrain features!

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