Saturday, 25 September 2010

The French are reacting at Connewitz!

The French are reacting!The battle of Connewitz has entered now in a new phase. The French bataillon de marche of the Lefol Division and deployed under the walls of Connewitz, has rejected the victorious Austrian 2/Bellegarde 44th I.R. in close combat.
The routed 'kaiserliks' have fallen back behind their comrades of the first battalion, that are now attacked by the victorious French, which have the close support of a foot battery deployed in the other riverbank, that is pounding the Austrians in the flank and originating a dangerous traffic jam for the Austrians.

The losses of both sides are increasing and all the units are dangerously approaching to the break point, so the final result is uncertain.


  1. Hi Rafa,

    I was looking at your figures, those Austrian battalions appear to have 8-10 bases, do you adjust the rules or you just treat them as large.


  2. Hi John
    Efectively, my basing is non-standard. My small units have six one-inch bases, and the large ones have eight one-inch bases. This is by aesthetic reasons only.
    You can see the theory at
    If a small unit has four bases, a large one would have nine bases, but I find more visually pleasant to use only 8!. Evidently tis must be taken into account in combat situations.

  3. It looks like the Poles are being avenged!

    I like a game where it is still uncertain as to who will win, not a hard scrabble against the inevitable. Do I sound like I've been on the end of those too often? ;-)

    I look forward to seeing how the game turns out.

  4. That French battery is very well positioned Rafa, firing into the flanks of the massed infantry. It will do some considerable damage? I look forward to reading the next dispatch. excellent.


  5. Lee
    In fact that batteryis crushing the Austrians and it is posing a very serious trouble.