Friday, 17 September 2010

The Polish are routed!

The Polish are routed!The Dölitz sector of the battle of Connewitz is being like a nightmare for Poniatowski. After the rout of the 1/1st [Polish] Regiment at the hands of the Austrian 2/W. Colloredo Nr. 56 IR in the scrub surrounding the Manor, the 2/1st [Polish] Regiment, defending the Manor's walls, has been dispersed by the joint attack of the 1st and 2nd battalions of this same Colloredo Nr. 56 IR.

In the meantime, in the Connewitz sector, the Lefol's French 1/54th Line Regiment has been dispersed by the Austrian musketry fire of the 2/Graf Bellegarde Nr. 44 IR, that is now charging a French bataillon de marche near the Connewitz bridge.

The things are going really bad for the French/Polish!


  1. That's a shame - I have a soft spot for those Poles! Any chance they may rally?


  2. Really not.... Lasalle does not allow the recovery after a so bloody rout!

  3. I trust they died where they stood Rafa - running away from Austrians is very un-Polish!


  4. The Polish int the Manor were killed until the last man I suppose. Nobody came back from there!

  5. Nice looking battle, I was curious Rafa, how many different armies do you have. I am getting suspicious that you have them all. I do not see many recent battles from the Iberian Peninsula on your website, but if I remember correctly you have done Fuentes de Oñorno in the past.


  6. Hi John
    Army is a very ambitious word! I have painted armies from several nations, but many of the depcited units in my pictures are similar armies disguised.

    Now I am on the 1813 Germany Campaign, but efectively I fought some battles of the Peninsular in the past. If you are interested, you can watch all my scenarios at


    Best regards