Sunday, 17 October 2010

Connewitz news

The hours are slowly passing and the Austrians are not achieving none of their objectives.

Connewitz slaugtherhouse
The terrain in front of Connewitz has become a slaughterhouse, with several Austrian or French battalions reduced to a debris of wounded and killed. The Austrians are still in front of the town trying a last assault, but are suffering staggering losses because of the French direct and enfilading fire.

The Polish are rejected!
Only at Dölitz are the Austrians achieving some local success: the Manor is in their hands and a Polish assault has failed before the determined Austrian defense.

The sunset is slowly coming and the battle will fade away.


  1. I earnestly thought the Austrians were going to win this one!


  2. Hi Matt
    The problem is that the Austrians must to make their way assaulting two defiles, each leading to an enenemy occupied town.
    It is a very difficult task and in the actual battle, Austrians did not won, so the re-fight is closely following the reality!

  3. I find that's the sign of a good rule set, when taking all factors into account, the result reflects reality. Well done!

  4. This was quite an interesting battle, and it does appear to reflect history. I believe nightfall is indeed falling!


  5. Rosbeef and John
    The re-play is closely following the reality.
    Now is the turn 32, and according to Sam Mustafa (the Lasalle designer) every pair of turns is around 15 minutes, so the battle is raging now for 4 ahours.
    Is time to lick the wounds!