Sunday, 24 October 2010

The duration of Connewitz

The battle of Connewitz has been raging now for 32 Lasalle turns. However Lasalle ruleset does not has a fixed time scale. An enquiry addressed to the the Honour Forums about that topics was answered by Sam Mustafa (a.k.a. Le Grand Fromage) himself!

"... the game is supposed to play in "real time," with the understanding that a 2-3 hour game therefore represents about 2-3 hours of battle. Let's say that you play for 150 minutes, during which you complete 20 turns. That means that one player's turn is about seven and a half minutes.
But of course the turns are IGO-UGO, so we assume that both players are doing things even when it's somebody else's turn. So perhaps it's better to say that a pair of turns (IGO, then UGO) represents about 15 minutes."

I play solo, and my battles last for un-defined and variable time, ranging from days to weeks, so I don't play in "real time" in any case. However, I'll adopt the Sam's sugerence (after all, he is the most authorized voice!) so following his remark, Connewitz has been raged for 4 hours. 'Normal' Lasalle battles are scheduled for a Basic Length of 16 turns (8 turns for each side). After this, 'Bonus turns' are allowed (p 66 of the rules book):

"both sides begin rolling to to determine if there will be another turn. Each player rolls one die. If both players roll a 1, the game has ended; there are no bonus turns. Otherwise, another turn is played. This is called the first bonus turn. At the end of that turn’s Status Phase, players roll again. This time if they both roll a two or less, there will not be another turn.
This procedure is repeated at the end of each bonus turn, until both players roll equal to or less than the number of the upcom-ing bonus turn. (For example, at the end of the fourth bonus turn, the game would end if both players roll a five or less.)"

I'll use this procedure but using D10 instead of D6 dice. In that way, the battle must end after no more than 9 bonus turns. The actual battle of Connewitz lasted from 9 a.m. to 17 a.m., 8 hours, 64 Lasalle turns, but in the game table everything is happening faster than in real life, so my assumption seems very reasonable to me.


  1. hatever the game length, you are enjoying your battle and I am one of many who enjoy reading about them! Keep it up!


  2. First word of that comment should have read "Whatever" !!

  3. Matt
    No problem with the english. The things are going really bad for the Austrians now