Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Some images from "The Peninsular War in the Duero River"

The last week, academic and non-academic specialists on the Peninsular War and coming from Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain and U.S.A., met in Ciudad Rodrigo and Almeida, to hold the International Symposium on "The War of Independence in the Duero Valley: the sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo and Almeida".
Below you can see some pictures taken by me during the first session of the Symposium (October 5).

The Official Opening Lecture

(left) Emilio de Diego, President of the Association for the Study of the Peninsular War (Complutense University of Madrid) and Agustín Guimerá specialist on Maritime War (CSIC)

Charles Esdaile (University of Liverpool)

Miguel Angel Martin Mas, researcher and the soul behind the "Historical Site of the Arapiles"

My son Sergio Pardo giving his lecture about "The applications of Geographic Information Systems in he Military Historiography"

and the poster of his lecture


  1. Hi Rafa,

    Is it possible to get a translation of your son's presentation? That looks very interesting

  2. Hi
    My son is currently translating the poster. I'll warn you when he finish it
    The text of the lecture will be written in a next future. It was a very visual affaire and he did made only a samll script