Friday, 10 December 2010

Sellerhausen: the fight in the center

A hard fighting is taking place in the space comprised between the two twin villages, Sellerhausen and Stunz, involving Prussian and French battallions.
The French 3/132me de Ligne deployed 'en bataille' (i.e. in line) has rejected again the attack of the Fusiliers of the 3rd East Prussian Regiment, which falls back.
On the contrary, their comrades from the 3/133me de Ligne, which are covering the retreat of their divisional artillery, have been broken and dispersed by the 2nd East Prussian Grenadier battalion, leaving a hole in the French defensive line.

The Daugeranville's brigade of heavy cavalry is sent by Ney to block the Prussian advance.

The fight is becoming more hard by moments!


  1. With the Emperor nearby, those Carabinier heavies better perform! Can't have that very untidy hole in the line with l'Tondu looking on!