Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More sources for Barrosa/Chiclana

There is no a full agreement amongst the different sources and authors I have looked upon to find an accurate OOB for the battle of Barrosa/Chiclana. In addition to the sources listed in the previous post, I have searched through the following ones:

- Fortescue, J.W. (1917) 'A History of the British Army', Volume 8 (a 'googled' book downloaded some years ago)
- Martínez Valverde, Carlos (1961) 'El movimiento envolvente contra la línea francesa frente a Cádiz en 1811 y la batalla de Chiclana',
Revista de Historia Militar, nº 8, pp 65-112
- López Fernández, JA (2010)'Chiclana 1811. La defensa de Cádiz' Guerreros y Batallas nº 65, Almena Editorial

At last I have decided to wargame only the British battle, i.e. the attack of Graham against the Ruffin and Leval divisions near Barrosa hill. The fight between Villatte and Lardizábal was an independent combat that took place at a distance too large for Lasalle terrain scale.
I will also use the Spanish units present in that area of the battlefield, the Cruz Murgeon and Begines's brigades, whose participation is not habitually acknowledged when using only Oman or Napier sources. However, itheir presence was important to hold the Graham's right flank free of French interference.
A last detail. The hill known to English speaking world as Barrosa (Barossa, Barrossa or Barosa) was actually named 'Loma de la Cabeza del Puerco'. The English translation for this place name is 'Hill of the Boar's Head', so it is not strange that Graham would not accept the corresponding nobiliary title of 'Duque de la Loma de la Cabeza del Puerco' as offered to him by the Spanish Regency!


  1. He would have been the only Duke of the Boar's Head in history! A unique honour!

  2. There's a fantastic painting of Barossa by Baron Lejeune (I think) which shows the action on Graham's flank. His paintings are usually fairly accurate as he was witness to most of the events he depicted.


  3. Rosbif
    ... with a very curious coat of arms!

    Efectively, and shows several details, like a cantiniere giving cartridges to the grenadiers... A good painting