Friday, 28 January 2011

The OOB for Barrosa/Chiclana (II)

I have followed Lasalle to the letter for the capacities of the units fighting in Barrosa/Chiclana, using the 'Peninsula' lists for all the contenders. My final proposal (until new amedments!) after taking into account all the considerations given in the previous post is:

GrahamBritsh Army (Moral 34; Break point 11)
13 Battalions/2 Regiments/3 Batteries
Graham (-/*)

1st Brigade Dilkes (-1/¶)
2/1st Guards V/E/SK2/Gd
Combined Guards V/E/SK2/Gd
2/95th (2coys.) 2 SK bases
Browne Flankers R/E/SK2

Spanish Cruz Murgeon (-/-)
4/Guardias Walonas R/E/SK1
Ciudad Real S/A/SK1
Bateria (2 light guns) Foot/1 cannon/Light

2nd Brigade Wheatley (+1/*)
1/28th R/E/SK2
2/67th R/E/SK2
2/87th R/E/SK2
Barnard Flankers V/I/SK3 (+)

Battery 1 Foot/2 cannons/Medium
Battery 2 Foot/3 cannons/Medium

Cavalry Whittingham (+1/*)
Hussars KGL (2 sq) R/E/Pu
Granaderos a Caballo (3 sq) S/A

Spanish Reinforcements
Columna Begines (-1/-)
Cantabria Line Reg. U/A/SK1
Siguenza Militia S/A/SK1
Valencia Light Reg. U/A/SK2
Reina Line Reg. U/A/SK1

Note to British OOB. The actual cavalry units were weaker than the proposed in this OOB. The Cruz Murgeon's light guns have been considered as one battery.
VictorFrench Army (Moral 28; Break point 9)
12 Battalions/1 Regiment/2 Batteries
Victor (-/-)

1st Division Ruffin (-/¶)
1st Brigade Barrois (-1/-)
1/24th Line Reg R/E/SK2
2/24th Line Reg R/A/SK1
2nd Brigade Chaudron (-/-)
1/Grenadiers V/E/SK2
2/Grenadiers V/E/SK2
1/96th Line Reg R/A/SK1
2/6th Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannons/ Medium/ 1 How

2nd Division Leval (+1/-)
1st Brigade Meunier (+1/*)
1/54th Line Reg R/E/SK2
2/54th Line Reg R/A/SK1
3/Elite (Gren+Volt) V/E/SK2
2nd Brigade Laplane (-/-)
1/8th Line Reg R/E/SK2
2/8th Line Reg R/A/SK1
1/45th Line Reg R/A/SK1
2/8th Foot Artillery Foot/2 cannons/Medium

Dragoons Dermoncourt (+1/-)
1st Dragoon Reg R/E/Sh/Pu
2/9th Leg Reg R/E/SK2

In this OOB the Allied forces are stronger than the French ones, due to the inclusion of the Spanish reinforcements and also because in Lasalle the unit strengths are variable. In the actual battle and in the areas of the 'British' battle, the British and French forces were similar in numbers.

The next thing will be the terrain

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