Monday, 3 January 2011

The OOB for Gévora

This is the OOB of the battle of Gévora (Gebora, Gebore, Xevora) for Lasalle. The sources are Oman, Sañdo and Thompson. Whereas the French units are easy to trace because they are cited in all the references, there is controversy and confusion about the Spanish ones. Another difficulty, this time on the wargaming side, is that all Spanish units were understrength, so some 'amalgamation' must be carried out in order to arrive to a playable Lasalle OOB.
The French units were taken from the Lasalle 'Peninsula' list so the units are all Reliable or Valiant. To give a chance to the Spanish to stand againts the onslaught, a 40% (6 units) received the 'Veteran infantry' status being 'Reliable', whereas the rest are Unpredictable (8) or Shaky (1). The Spanish cavalry is Shaky (3) or Unpredictable (2) whereas all the Portuguese cavalry (3) are also Shaky.

My final proposal is

MortierFrench Army Moral 37; Break point 12
9 Battalions/7 Regiments/2 Batteries
Mortier (+1/-)

Infantry Girard (+1/)
1st Brigade Philippon (+1/*)
1/34th Line Reg R/E/SK2
2/34th Line Reg R/A/SK1
3/34th Line Reg R/A/SK1
1/88th Line Reg R/E/SK2
2/88th Line Reg R/A/SK1
3/88th Line Reg R/A/SK1

2nd Brigade Gaud (+1/*)
1/100th Line Reg R/E/SK2
2/100th Line Reg R/A/SK1
3/100th Line Reg R/A/SK1

2/3rd Horse Artillery Horse/2 cannons/ Medium/ 1 How
4/6th Horse Artillery Horse/2 cannons/ Medium/ 1 How

Cavalry Latour-Mauburg (-1/*)
Light Cavalry Briche (+1/*)
10th Hussar Reg R/E/Pu
21st Chasseurs V/E/Pu
27th Chasseurs V/E/Pu
4th Spanish Juramentados U/I/Pu

Dragoons Bouvier des Eclats (-/-)
4th Dragoon Reg R/E/Sh/Pu
14th Dragoon Reg R/E/Sh/Pu
26th Dragoon Reg R/E/Sh/Pu
2nd Hussar Reg R/E/Pu

Engineers (One base if Spanish are entrenched)

MendizabalSpanish Army Moral 49; Break point 16
15 Battalions/8 Regiments/3 Batteries
C-i-C Mendizabal (-/)

Vanguardia de España (-/)
Union R/E/SK1
Principe R/E/SK1
Batallón del General U/A/SK1
1/Tiradores de Castilla U/A/SK2
2/Tiradores de Castilla U/A/SK2
Cataluña U/A/SK2

1ª División García (-1/*)
Rey R/E/SK1
León R/E/SK1
Barcelona U/A/SK1
Sevilla U/A/SK1

2ª Division Virues (-/)
Princesa R/E/SK1
Hibernia R/E/SK1
Zamora U/A/SK1
Toledo S/A/SK1
Voluntarios de Navarra U/A/SK2

Caballería Boutron (-1/-)
Carabineros Reales S/A
Reina S/A
Algarve S/A
Húsares Extremadura U/I/Pu
Imperiales de Toledo U/I/Pu

Portuguese Cavalry Madden (-/)
3º Dragones S/A
5º Dragones S/A
8º Dragones S/A

Batería 1 Foot /3 cannons/Medium
Batería 2 Foot /3 cannons/Medium
Batería 3 Foot /3 cannons/Medium

I hope the Spanish/Portuguese force may stand against the French!

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  1. Looks like an interesting battle, nice nice for Lasalle. I will look forward to reading the scenario