Thursday, 6 January 2011

Terrain and optional rules for Gévora

The terrain
The battle of Gévora is well documented so the drawing with Powerpoint was a easy task: a long ridge with the Guadiana River in a flank, leading to the following diagram:

To make the long ridge line I have used cork tiles cut acordingly, combined with my old sculpted tiles and some old hills made from expanded polyestyrene. A picture is worth a thousand words (and my english is very poor!) so look at the actual appearance of the battlefield:

Scenario rules
As I play solo, some ad-hoc rules have been designed in order to simulate some of the characteristics of the actual battle, as well as to add some spice to the play. These rules are (until now):

The morning fog
The Spaniards were surprised when the morning fog lifted and the French were seen very near their front line, so the Lasalle Home Field advantage is not used in this Scenario.

Entrenchments and the Wellington’s advice
Mendizábal did not follow the Wellington’s advice so the Spanish Army fought in open field without any entrenchment. Before the game, throw 1D10. On a 1 result, Mendizábal is allowed to entrench his army with ‘hasty entrenchments’ (p. 75 of the Rules book).

Viva España!
Spanish units add +1 to their Unpredictable rolls if the roll is taken while the unit is entrenched

They’ll be back
If a game ends in a draw, it is considered a Spanish marginal victory.

The wavering Allied cavalry
Spanish/Portuguese cavalry units do not fought well at Gevora. All Allied cavalry units must to pass a compulsory Discipline test to move towards the enemy, using the ‘Vigor of Superior’ and ‘Out of Command’ modifiers as applicable, as well as an additional -1 modifier. When testing to Fall Back from a combat, they get a +1 additional modifier in the required Discipline test (they were wishing to run away!)

Edited (06/01/2011) As Boutton (Spanish Cavalry sub-commander is -1 in Vigor, Spanish cavalry needs a 6 to advance againts the enemy!

The tent camps (Edited 07/01/2011)
Only infantry All units can enter in a tent camp. They are always in limbered/march column formation. , i.e. they can not deploy.

The flanking Dragoons (Entry point of the reinforcements)
The French reinforcements may enter at B1/C1/D1/D2 (5% / 45% / 45%/ 5%)

Now I must go to bed. The Three Wise Men are coming!


  1. Rafa:

    Nice terrain. You've inpsired me to try solo-gaming sometimes too. Regards, Dean

  2. Hi dean
    Try it! It is very rewarding, at least for me...