Saturday, 19 February 2011

Barrosa/Chiclana is finished!

The battle of Chiclana/Barrosa has finished with a French defeat like in the real world.

A Spanish combined arms attack made by the Ciudad Real Militia Regiment and the Granaderos a Caballo has broken one of the two squares formed by the French converged Grenadier battalions over the ridge summit.

The Ruffin's division is virtually wiped out, with only two battalions left, and the Spanish/British forces are now menacing the French retreat.

While the Spanish reinforcements, the Begines's brigade, are approaching fast to participate in the pursuit.
The battle has finished. The Spanish forces, at last, have made their work!


  1. Huzzah for the Spaniards! They arrived at the crucial time by the looks of it and finished the French off completely.

    Cadiz and the Cortes are safe again!

  2. very nice, are you going to comment how your irregular rules worked

  3. Rosbif
    Yes, the Spaniards behave very well in this occasion!
    I'll comment the home-rules in the next post