Sunday, 13 February 2011

Barrosa/Chiclana (IV). The Spaniards have arrived!

The fight continues in Barrosa/Chiclana with the active presence of the Spanish forces.

In the French right flank, Leval is maintaining the line against the Wheatley's attack, winning some local victories. Above, you can see the French 3e battalion of Converged Elites rejecting the assault of the British 1/28th Foot. However, all the French artillery has been removed by Leval from the first line of fire.

In the other side of the battlefield, the Cruz Murgeon's Spanish brigade has outflanked the Ruffin's line infantry, and the Guardias Walonas have broken the 1/24me de Ligne and can menace the French rear. The Ruffin's line artillery has left the hill by fear to be taken by the Allied cavalry.

Meanwhile on the summit of the Oar's Head hill, the squares of the French Converged Grenadiers have rejected the attack of the Spanish Granaderos a Caballo, that are forced to fall back downhill through their infantry. 16c
It seems like the Spanish forces will have a determinant role in this re-fight!


  1. Great to see the Spanish getting stuck in!

  2. Thanks for making the photo's enlargeable (is that a word?), in your last post, I could not enlarge them, so it was hard to figure out what was going on.

    Are there only 2 British battalions left!


  3. Stryker
    The Sanish at last are making a well done job!

    It was my mistake not make enlargaeable the pcitures. Efectively there are only two British battalions left in the left (Dilke's) Brigade because the Brownw Falkers have been broken

  4. I hope your Spaniards do better than mine!