Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ballesteros is in trouble!

The action is raging at Villanueva. Maransin has launched an attack against the village: the two first battalions of the 103e de Ligne are exchanging fire with the Regimiento de Lena, deployed and sheltered in Villanueva.

However, a determined attack by the 1/103e has broken the Spanish battalion, spreading its remnants to the four winds.

Whereas the French are pouring in the village, the Spanish Regimiento de Pravia is forced to abandon the first line of defense and is retiring towards the second line of houses, whereas the Regimiento de Infiesto runs to its help, deploying at its left.

The French tide is only stopped by the Husares de Castilla, taking by surprise the 1/28e de Legere, that after failing to form square, is broken.

The fight is inconclusive but the French flanking detachments are coming, so Ballesteros is in trouble!

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  1. The light cavalry have saved the moment-just like they are supposed to do! Let us hope they can repeat their success again!

    Another good looking game you have on the go.