Sunday, 8 May 2011

The combat of Wiederitzsch (II)

The fight at Klein Wiederitzsch has been very fierce, and the village has changed of hands several times. After suffering several bloody repulses, the Jager #37 and the Archangel IR Regiments (8th Russian) Division, have routed and broken the 1st and 2nd battalions of the 2nd Polish Infantry regiment and have occupied the village...

... only to be routed by a Polish counterattack (2/4th Polish regiment) that broke the Russians Jagers, evicting them from the houses and gardens of the western half of the village.

However, the Archangel IR made a risky attack from their side of Klein Wiederitzsch, and routed the 2/4th Polish Regiment.

At last, the village fall in Russians in Russian hands. The Domsbrowsky infantry was almost wiped out with three from four batallions broken. The Russians lost only one Jager battalion.

The Polish-Russian fight has resulted in a Russian (temporary) victory!


  1. Very nice Rafa, looks like a great battle.


  2. Wow! An exciting, action packed AAR. The Poles sound like they fought well against their traditional foes.