Monday, 26 September 2011

Dresden. Saint-Cyr tries to break the siege: The AAR

I have uploaded to the main site, the Scenario and the AAR and pictures of this combat.

The result of this solo-refight with Lasalle, was similar to the real one: Saint-Cyr achieved an easy victory that the arrival of night transformed in a draw. against an enemy of very inferior quality. The Opolchenie infantry behave indifferently, and they do not achieved any significant victory: The 1/1st Ryazan Opolchenie achieved a minor success by drawing a combat with the French, but as they were the defenders to they won the combat.

The Cossacks  behave like the irregular troops that were. The home-rule allowing them to charge enemy units in march column after passing a moral check was not of real application here, because the riders of the steppes were confronted with regular light cavalry, so they fell back  continuously before the enemy advance. They only scored a victory by breaking the 7th Chevau-Legers Lanciers, the old Polish 1e Regiment de Lanciers de la Vistule.

And now for an (almost) all-cavalry battle!

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  1. Cossacks breaking Polish lancers (the former Vistula boys at that) - sacrilege Rafa!

    Cheers mate,

  2. Maybe they will be add a pair of additional dice....