Saturday, 8 October 2011

Altenburg. An OOB for Lasalle

This is the first version of the OOB for Altenburg. As was exposed in previous posts, Altenburg was a small combat, a running retreat fought between a small French force searching for Allied Streifcorps near Leipziig in the last days of September 1813. The number of combatants was small and the forces of both sides were almost composed by cavalry, so this game will be a sort of wargaming experiment, because I never did played a such engagement on the tablegame.

French Army
2 Battalions/11 Regiments/1 Battery
Army Moral 27 ; Break point 9
C-i-C Lefevre-Desnouettes (-/-)

2nd Guard Cavalry Division Lefevre-Desnouettes (-/-)
(Young) Guard Lanciers V/A
(Young) Guard Chasseurs a Cheval V/A
(Young) Guard Grenadiers a Cheval V/A
5th Old Guard Horse Battery Horse 3 guns/M/1 Hw

1e Light Cavalry Brigade Piré (-1/*)
1/2/6e Hussars R/E/Pu
1/2/3/7e Hussars R/E/Pu
1/2/3/8e Hussars R/E/Pu

Baden Brigade Hochberg (-1/*)
1/2nd Baden IR S/A/SK1

2e Brigade. 4th Heavy Cavalry Division Quinette (-/¶)
Combined Dragoons R/E/Sh/Pu
Combined Dragoons Cuirassiers R/E/Sh/Pu


5e Light Cavalry Division Lorge (+1/-)
12e Light Cavalry Brigade Jacquinot (-/-)
3/4/5/5e Chasseurs a Cheval R/A/Pu
3/4/10e Chasseurs a Cheval R/A/Pu
5/6/13e Chasseurs a Cheval R/A/Pu
3/35e Legere R/A/SK1

Allied Army
1 Battalion/9 Regiments/7 Cossack Pulks/1,5 batteries  
Moral 38 Break point 13
No designed C-i-C

StreifCorps Mensdorff (+1/-)
(Austrian) Er.
Ferdinand Hussars #3 V/E/Pu + (Includes Hessen-Hornburg Hussars #4)
Illowaisky X Cossacks S/I/Pu
Gorin I Cossacks S/I/Pu

StreifCorps Platov (-/¶)
Austrians. Illessy (-/-)
Walchen Grenzer Regiment R/A/SK1 or R/I/SK2
Palatinal Hussars #12 V/E/Pu
Er. Ferdinand Hussars #3 V/E/Pu
Guns Horse/1 gun/Medium
Russians. Kudachev (-1/-)
Attaman Don Cossacks S/I/Pu
Don Cossacks S/I/Pu
Black Sea Cossacks S/I/Pu
(Austrian) Levenehr Dragoons Regiment
#4 R/E/Pu (includes Vincent Chevaulegers #4)
1st Don Cossacks Battery Horse/2 guns/Light/1 Hw


StreifCorps Thielmann (+1/¶)
Austrians. Gasser(-/-)
Hohenzoller Chevauxlegers #2 R/E/Pu + (includes Klenau Chevaulegers #5)
Kienmayer Hussars #8 V/E/Pu
Prussians. Von Kurland (-/-)
Silesians Hussars V/E/Pu
Silesian National Cavalry S/A
Neumarkt Dragoons R/E/Pu
Russians. Orlow (-)
Gorin II Cossacks S/I/Pu
Yagodin II Cossacks S/I/Pu
Cossack Guns Horse/1 gun/Light

Next, the tablemap and special rules!

NB. The portraits depict Levfebre-Desnouettes and Platov respectively.


  1. I am a little confused about the size of your cavalry units are they all the same?


  2. Hi John
    There are only two sizes for the units in Lasalle: Normal @4 bases and Large (marked with a '+') @6 bases.
    I have consolidated some units in the OOB so the large Austrian units are the combination of two real units.

  3. It looks like I did not look hard enough, so 26 base units and the rest 4 base units

  4. Yes 2 6-base units ans the rest 4-base units