Monday, 26 December 2011

Wethau: the next Lasalle project

October 10, 1813. The Allied Armies are converging towards Leipzig while Napoleon is calling for all the available forces to fight the climatic battle of the Saxon Campaign.
The Augereau's IX Corps is advancing along the Saale from Naumburg to Weissenfels, closely watched by the Liechtenstein's Austrian 1st Light Division and the Streifcorps of Thielmann and Mendorff. The main road crossed the Wethau stream, a small tributaire of the Saale, by a bridge located in the Wethau village that is now in Austrian hands after the French light cavalry of the advance-guard was expelled by a surprise attack carried out by the Austrian Jager Battalion #7. Liechtenstein, closely supported by the Thielmann's and Mensdorf's Sreifcorps, hoped to delay Augereau for at least a day's march in the Wethau defile, if not totally block his march on Leipzig.
However, Augereau used his 51th Division to attack frontally Wethau while simultaneously used an unguarded ford located 2 km upstream, taking in reverse and routing the Austrian defenders that retired on their supports, the Allied Streifcorps and the Austrian Light Division. A cavalry battle ensued between the Allies and the Milhaud's V(bis) Cavalry Corps, containing some 'Heavy' Divisions formed by veteran Dragoons arrived from Spain, and after a bitter fight the Allies were forced to retire. Augereau continued his march towards Leipzig.
This Lasalle Scenario is based upon that combat, although I have taken some historical licenses to make a more interesting tabletop battle. Thus, the involved forces will be the full IX Corps and the 5(bis)Cavalry Corps for the French side, and some units of the Lederer's Light Division of the Austrian II Corps.
It will be another 'international' battle with Russian Cossacks and Austrian Jagers and Grenzers!

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  1. Cool little stand of jaegers (with interesting hats).

  2. Thanks!
    The Jagers are converted from the HäT 8008 Napoleonic Brunswick Avante Garde. See