Saturday, 28 January 2012

Altenburg (September 1813) The AAR

After a long delay, I have uploaded to main site the Scenario and the AAR of the combat of Altenburg for Lasalle.

Unlike the real battle, the French achieved a tactical victory: they caused more losses than the other side, and the main force retired unmolested from the battlefield. The Young Guard cavalry fought well, although the Grenadiers a Cheval and the Chevauxleger-Lanciers were broken. The arrival of the French reinforcements saved the day for Lefevbre-Desnouettes allowing him to make a haste retreat.

On the contray, the Austrian cavalry do not fought at his habitual level, losing too many units in hand-to-hand combats. In addition, Thielmann resulted badly wounded.

See also the posts with the label Altenburg in this blog to see a day-to-day account of the wargaming refight.

Next Lasalle scenario will be Wethau (date unknown!)

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