Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The last Spanish Automotive R+D+i contribution!

A new traffic sign has been proposed by Spanish students after the last experiments carried out at Valencia
Watch one of the real experiments that led to the above design:

Again, I feel ashamed to live in the same country that some political leaders!

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  1. Pues no puedo estar mas de acuerdo con lo que dices. Aunque todavía hay algunos que siguen con la cantinela de PP y PSOE la misma mierda son... Que se apliquen el cuento

  2. Es una vergüenza, y los políticos achicando balones, como siempre. Aquí no dimite nadie. Y despues Marianico diciendo que no podemos dar la imagen de lo que no somos... ¡Ja!

  3. Hi Rafa, not really sure about the situation in Spain but that clip doesn't look good.


  4. The situation is similar to other european countries (but no so bad as Greece). The problem is, that the protesting students were teenagers (15 years old) of Secondary School, ant the Sapnish Police used a disproportionate force