Thursday, 9 February 2012

A new section in the main website

I have added a new section devoted to Song of Drums and Shakos (SDS) in Wargaming with Napoleonic Minitures, the website acting as big brother or permanent repository of this blog.
With the addition of SDS, there is now a preferred rule-book for each level of Napoleonic wargaming: Napoleon's Battles for grand-tactical (brigade based), Lasalle for tactical (battalion based) and Song of Drums and Shakos for skirmish (squad based). Only the strategical level remains without assignation, because still I have don't found an adequate Napoleonic boardgame (but in Spain we say that hope is the last thing to be lost!).

From now onwards, you can find see the information about SDS: rules, modifications and scenarios by clicking the 'Song of Drums and Shakos' in Wargaming with Napoleonic Minitures

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  1. Rafa - for a really good strategic/grand tactical game you should try one of the HPS computer games. They don't look much for graphics but the Play-by-email option has given me endless hours of enjoyment.